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Supersalone 2021, Lago Limited Edition

With a special limited edition at Supersalone 2021, Lago celebrates the restart of the international fair dedicated to design. From 5 to 10 September, 4 new iconic items will be previewed, each of which will be produced in 100 unique and numbered pieces. This special limited edition of Lago will have a unique distinctive feature: new marble patterns developed on an innovative digital printing technology XGlass.
This special Lago Limited Edition of the Supersalone 2021 anticipates what the new collection will be by Lago, coming out this autumn with 26 new design products. Let's discover together the 4 products that will be presented at the Supersalone, limited edition pieces to illustrate new ways of experiencing spaces.

madia now <tc>eenterior</tc>

#1 N.O.W. sideboard | LAGO

Recalling the vision of Lago's wardrobe of the same name, the N.O.W. sideboard it alters the volumes with the rhythm of its vertical glass bands. Each band can be customized with a different colour, to create ever new chromatic moods, symbol of the philosophy of the N.O.W. collection, acronym for "Not Only White".
With a patented alternating opening in harmonic steel, the N.O.W. sideboard di Lago is designed to adapt to any space. Available in widths in dimensions every 20 cm and in 3 different heights, the N.O.W. sideboard. emphasizes a play of full and empty spaces, alternating doors and storage in bronzed transparent glass embellished with internal lighting.

letto fluttua replis lago <tc>eenterior</tc>

#2 Fluttua Replis bed | LAKE

Return in style of the iconic Fluttua bed by Lago, the Fluttua Replis bed is presented in this version with a new voluptuous headboard.The irregular folds of its particular curled fabric give visual softness and plays of light and shadow.
The rich and velvety headboard of the Fluttua Replis bed by Lago is embellished by the presence of light and multi-material bedside tablesi , which combine aesthetics with functionality, and of course the magical suspended effect of the bed. A design that never ceases to amaze but at the same time evolves to meet the trends of modern living.

madia 36e8 lago <tc>eenterior</tc>

#3 Sideboard 36e8 | LAKE

The new version of the 36e8 sideboard presented in Lago Limited Edition for the 2021 Supersalone loves to play on transparencies. The gray or bronze smoked glass with 45° construction is embellished by the possibility of inserting backlighting which creates contrasts of light and shadow.

With an eye towards the world of display cabinets, the 36e8 sideboard by Lago alternates colored glass with transparent glass with new and refined compositions to be designed. The Lago sideboard gets rid of excessive glass or metal supports and reinterprets the revolutionary modularity of the 36e8 code, transforming itself into a versatile solution for all environments.

tavolo meet lago <tc>eenterior</tc>

#4 Meet table | LAKE

New from the 2021 Supersalone included in the Lago Limited Edition, the Meet table represents balance, the balance between the solidity of the base and the lightness of the rectangular, shaped or elliptical top.

Special features of the Meet table by Lago are the two symmetrical sculptural elements of the base which seek each other and meet in a single point of contact. In the limited edition version, the Meet table is presented with a special glass top that features four elegant marble textures.

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