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Come scegliere tra divano in pelle o in tessuto?

How to choose between a leather or fabric sofa?

If you also love spending your evenings on the sofa, you will have already asked yourself this question: "how to choose between a leather sofa or a fabric sofa?" Sometimes choosing a sofa seems difficult, but don't despair! In this article we will help you find the perfect movie buddy for you. We promise you that he won't pretend to choose what to watch and fall asleep after just 10 minutes!

How a leather sofa is made

The lifespan of our leather sofa varies based on the quality of the leather chosen, but it also depends on the use we make of it and the time we want to dedicate to its care.

If you want a sofa to welcome your most important guests and amaze them in front of a handcrafted and sophisticated product, the full grain leather will certainly be for you. Every natural sign becomes an asset on a soft and delicate skin that embraces and pampers its guests. If, however, you prefer a more practical product, then you can choose a surface-treated leather that will certainly not be afraid of your coffee stain!

Cleaning a leather sofa is in fact child's play. To keep your sofa shiny and soft, all you need is a damp cloth and a little neutral soap, as easy as washing your hands... After all, leather is always leather!

divano pelle <tc>eenterior</tc>

Toby Wing sofa by Calia italia

The advantages of a leather sofa

When understanding how to choose between a leather or fabric sofa, you must certainly consider that a leather sofa adds elegance and refinement to any environment, whether it is positioned in the center of the room or to the side. Leather, a breathable and soft material to the touch, proves cool in summer and welcoming in winter over the years.

But aesthetics does not always exclude practicality. In fact, a leather sofa, in addition to being easy to clean, is an excellent choice for those who make hygiene their life mission. It does not accumulate dust or bacteria and does not absorb odors; a perfect crime scene for carefree evenings with friends in the company of pizza and chips!

In summary, the advantages of a leather sofa are:

  • Class and refinement
  • Practicality of use
  • Duration over time
  • Hygiene and easy cleaning
  • Happiness

The disadvantages of a leather sofa

Along with the many advantages offered by a leather sofa, some small disadvantages linked to the choice of this covering must also be considered. Leather is certainly more expensive than fabric, because it is a natural, precious and always different material. The animal's coat tells a story that is unique and unrepeatable, therefore small imperfections must be accepted.

As regards comfort, not everyone likes the sensation we get in summer, when when sitting or lying down, our skin is in direct contact with the leather of the sofa. A matter of taste!

But unfortunately some cats love it…

Below we therefore list the disadvantages of a leather sofa:

  • Higher cost than fabric
  • Any skin imperfections
  • Subjective sensation to touch

divano pelle <tc>eenterior</tc>

Romeo sofa by Calia italia

How a fabric sofa is made

In recent years, the fabric sofa has become an increasingly popular choice, thanks to the introduction of materials that are more performing from a technical point of view, aesthetically very appealing and decidedly pleasant to the touch. Alongside the latest generation synthetic materials, fibers of completely natural and eco-sustainable origins, such as linen, cotton or hemp, free of toxic substances, are assuming great importance.

With fabric, the imagination really has no limits. It is practically impossible not to find answers to your aesthetic and functional needs, something that rarely happens in life!

 sanders divano <tc>eenterior</tc>

Sanders sofa by Ditre italia

The advantages of a fabric sofa

When understanding how to choose between a leather or fabric sofa, you must consider that a fabric sofa certainly brings warmth to your living room, it's up to you to choose whether in a casual or refined way. In fact, the variety of fabrics and colors available allows you to customize it according to your needs and tastes.

The removable cover of the fabric sofa gives you the immediate opportunity to wash it according to the prescribed type of washing, but also over time to completely renew it by replacing the entire sofa with new covers. You understood well! A new sofa without having purchased a new sofa!

Here are the advantages of a fabric sofa:

  • Total removable cover
  • Wash as per instructions on the label
  • Infinite possibilities of choice of color and fabric
  • Renewal of the covering, even after years
  • Stain-resistant coatings
  • Happiness

The disadvantages of a fabric sofa

The disadvantages are few, but we are honest and tell you about them!

If you are allergic to mites, this is certainly not ideal; in fact, a fabric sofa can retain dust in its texture. Furthermore, fabric sofas are not always removable and, even when they are, it may not be easy to do so. Always pay attention to the types of washing indicated on the label!

In the long run, fabric is less durable than leather. Certainly, the use you make of it can change his "life"! But even environmental conditions, such as humidity, heat and light, can negatively affect your sofa in the long run.

Simply put, the disadvantages of a fabric sofa are:

  • Dust and mite retention
  • Shorter duration over time than leather
  • Possible difficulty in removing the sofa cover
  • Complete removable covers are not always possible

calia hip hop <tc>eenterior</tc>

Hip Hop sofa by Calia italia

Now that you know how to choose between a leather and fabric sofa, make yourself comfortable on your old sofa and take some time to choose with us from the many possible coverings and colours. We at eenterior are already comfortable in our armchairs and are ready to discuss with you to evaluate all the possible alternatives and make your new sofa perfect for you! Contact us in chat or by email info@eenterior.com!