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1. There is a person dedicated to you. Before and after the purchase.

For us Italiani, furniture is a bit like food: we like to talk about it, think about it, almost taste it. And customize it according to your taste!

For this reason we want to get to know you, know what you are looking for, how you will use it and in what context you will combine it. Our team will be at your side for any doubts and advice. Even after delivery. You choose how! We put in:

The voice: we respond non-stop from 8.30am to 7.30pm

The face: we are available for a video call. If you want, you can show us the furnishing context!

2. There is incessant research. And a selection that thrives on quality.

What does that table you saw just now or the lamp you are about to click have in common?

Which have won over many other products that you will not find on our site. It's not easy to convince us! Because what we choose could then arrive at your home. And doesn't your home deserve the best?

For us, yes, so we carefully select the brands and items we offer.

3. There is a shipment that starts from us and ends with a Wow at your home.

The eenterior selection is a bit demanding. He doesn't hitchhike or even with just any courier. But she is very polite, always warns before arriving. Our couriers specialize in valuable furniture and arrive wherever you are. Plus, you can always ask us where your order is.

✓ Home delivery: we can deliver to street level, but also to your home

✓ Installation: qualified staff ready to launch into the assembly

4. There are those who chose us before you. And he tells you about his satisfaction

We have given you many reasons. We did it with conviction and with hand on heart. Yet you're right, we might seem biased! So let's remain silent for a moment and let those like you who happened upon eenterior.

one day speak.

5. There is a price that is not easily beaten

The quality and design of eenterior have the power to make your home unique, just like you! And it's right that they have value, but also that they are not inaccessible.

We believe that our prices are almost unbeatable. Almost, because they also include shipping and also take into consideration more challenging places to reach. We therefore prefer to make you specific offers, to become completely unbeatable! Contact us and we will find the best solution together.

✓ Dedicated offers

✓ Guaranteed return

✓ Price with shipping