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Furniture Bonus


The Furniture Bonus is a tax incentive measure that allows the partial deduction from the tax return of all documented expenses relating to the purchase of furniture intended for furnishing a property undergoing renovation. The legislation is contained in art.16 of DL n. 63/2013.

The fundamental points are the following:

  • the deduction has been set at 50% and can be applied to all expenses for the purchase of furniture and furnishings intended for use in houses, or parts of them, renovated or to be renovated;
  • the amount corresponding to the tax due will be divided into 10 annual installments of the same amount;
  • the maximum amount to be deducted must not exceed €8,000 in the year 2023 and €5,000 in the year 2024;
  • the expenses must be documented: you must be in possession of a regular receipt or purchase invoice and the payment receipt of a traceable system such as bank or postal transfer, showing the tax code of the person paying, reference number of the purchase order and the tax code or VAT number of the payment beneficiary;
  • the furniture purchased must be used to furnish a property unit undergoing renovation.

How to proceed with the deduction:

  1. Communicate your desire to access the aforementioned bonus to the address customercare@eenterior.com and attach all the requested data, including your tax code.
  2. Once we receive your communication, we will draw up an invoice and send it via email to your address.
  3. When you have received the copy of the invoice, you can proceed with the payment via bank transfer. It is essential that the bank transfer, as described by the decree, must have specific characteristics in order to access the 50% tax deduction and therefore defined as "speaking". The transfer is called "speaking" when it highlights the reference legislation as the reason for the payment, the tax code of the beneficiary of the deduction, the tax code or VAT number of the supplier.

Please note

  • eenterior is not able to guarantee the drafting of invoices requested by you for orders already paid for which a receipt has been issued and for payments already received and made with traditional bank transfers. As explained, whether or not you obtain the bonus does not depend on our invoice but on the payment in progress.
  • Eenterior cannot be held responsible in any way if the customer cannot have access to the tax benefits of the "furniture bonus" deduction or should subsequently be sanctioned by the tax authorities for any errors or omissions, to him directly or indirectly attributable.