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tavolo cristalceramica la tua alleata in cucina eenterior

Cristalceramica: your ally in the kitchen

You need to buy a new dining table and between glass, wood, laminate... you don't know where to start? The kitchen table is subject to fairly intensive use: it is not only where we eat, but it is also the place for studying or working and for long chats in company.
This is why it is important to know the new materials, cutting-edge products that allow us to make the most of our kitchen table and keep it intact over the years. In this magazine article eenterior we reveal the secrets of one of these materials, crystalceramics!

What is crystalceramics

alexander midj <tc>eenterior</tc>

Alexander by Midj

Cristalcermica is a material obtained from the coupling between glass and ceramic. The surface ceramic layer is coupled with a layer of glass or crystal, in this way the top is strengthened and made very resistant.

Crystalcermic, glass-ceramic or super-ceramic offers an excellent mix of hardness and lightness, heat resistance and surface hygiene. This material is also water-repellent, oil-repellent, acid-resistant, non-toxic and unalterable to UV rays. You have no more excuses for a dirty plan!

The colors of crystalceramics

Crystalceramics can have an opaque and material surface, with a vast range of neutral colors that can go from white to beige to dark grey.

Fans of the polished top, however, will not be disappointed by the latest trend in glass-ceramic tables, i.e. imitating different natural materials such as marble, in all its shades and replicating its veins for a truly realistic effect! See with your own eyes!

millennium <tc>bontempi</tc> <tc>eenterior</tc>

Millennium by Bontempi

Other materials often imitated by crystalceramics are also corten and metals, combining their beauty with the practicality of this material!

Why choose a table with a crystal-ceramic top?

Crystalceramic is certainly a resistant and long-lasting material, a choice that you will not regret in the future! Its advantages are not only its resistance but also its hygienicity: the surface of the crystalceramic is waterproof, non-porous and completely non-toxic.

skorpio <tc>cattelan</tc> <tc>eenterior</tc>

Skorpio by Cattelan italia

From a maintenance point of view, crystalceramic is simple to clean: there is no need to constantly dry it to avoid streaks, hot water and neutral detergent are enough to keep a glass ceramic top clean.

Some ideas for crystal-ceramic tables

All the major Made in Italy furniture and design brands have introduced this innovative material into their table collections, placing it alongside classic materials, such as wood and glass.

Bontempi House and Super Plans

millennium <tc>bontempi</tc>

Millennium by Bontempi

Bontempi> Casa uses crystalceramics in itsSuperMarmo and SuperCeramica tops, expanding its range of colors and finishes in recent years. Have you already read the latest news froBontempi5> Home in our article “3 ideas for your living room - neBontempi25> 2021”? Go to the article!

SuperMarmo and SuperCeramicaBontempi825> Casa are surfaces with very high resistance, a perfect combination of the hardness of crystal and the surface resistance of porcelain stoneware. The Super planBontempi2825>, thanks to an absorption equal to 0.1% water, they also resist frost and adapt to all climatic conditions, internal and external.

Cattelan italia: marble and stone effects

keramik <tc>cattelan</tc> <tc>eenterior</tc>

Eliot Keramik by Cattelan italia

Cattelan> italia puts crystalceramics at the service of the aesthetics of real marble in over 10 different glossy and matt finishes: from the timeless Golden Calacatta to the surprising Alabaster.Are you looking for a stone effect instead? Take a look at the Ardesia finish tops, a porcelain stoneware that is extremely resistant to bending, fire and impacts!

ThCattelan8> italia tops are elegant and highly hard, light, resistant to very high temperatures and have an easy-care scratch-resistant surface. It's just up to you to choose!

Midj: new finishes, same reliability

badù midj <tc>eenterior</tc>

Badù by Midj

Midj has introduced new crystalceramic finishes in recent years, enhancing the same Made in Italy quality as always. From Corten effect crystalceramics to Cement, to finish with marble effects such as Emperador, Noir Desir marble or eccentric Venetian.

These new colors from Midj join the wide range of finishes already proposed by the Italian brand for some time, on various models of fixed and extendable tables.

Are you also a fan of crystalceramics? Let us know on our social media! Or ask us for more information or a quote at infeenterior.com1>