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Standalto by Edra, the praise of comfort

The sofa Standalto is the latest addition to the Edra collection. Fluffy. Soft. Elegant. Suspended from the ground and completely adaptable to the wishes of those who use it. The new creation by Francesco Binfarè is a synthesis of the experiences acquired by Edra to date: it offers a new declination of the intelligent cushion, which gives life to ever-changing and customizable comforts, and ensures maximum comfort thanks to the width of the seats and the technique of padding made up of feathers and Gellyfoam®, a material patented by Edra.

standalto edra <tc>eenterior</tc> sofa

The structure of Standalto in fact retains the fundamental element of the "intelligent cushion": the backrests and armrests can be shaped as desired, while sitting comfortably, with a simple and light pressure. The designer Francesco Binfarè in the creation of this sofa went in search of softness, no small challenge given that a very soft, almost soft material, by its nature has a not well-defined structure. In this regard the designer declared:

“I have acquired it in part, but there is still a lot. Discovering language
is expressing its consistency in an aesthetic way.
Appearance must be the essence of the project and this essence lies in the process.
For this reason I consider it essential to continue research on the "intelligent pillow".

standalto edra <tc>eenterior</tc> sofa

At sight the sofa Standalto looks elegant, with its 15 cm separating it from the floor. The elements can be combined together to create different solutions, from linear to angular compositions to curved compositions: in this way Standalto can be a sober and elegant sofa in the most classic, angular or orthogonal compositions, and then transform in an eclectic element in the less conventional versions.

standalto edra <tc>eenterior</tc> sofa

Standalto allows you to play with the elements to obtain configurations perfectly adaptable to different environments and tastes. In addition to the modularity of the seating sequence, the Eda sofa is also customizable in depth: in fact, if you choose the open elements these can be even deeper, guaranteeing greater comfort.

standalto edra <tc>eenterior</tc> sofa

Finally, the Standalto fabric is soft and delicate, but feels full-bodied and resistant to the touch: in this way it remains intact over time and use. In order to guarantee a wider choice, the sofa can however also be covered with natural and soft leathers.
Standalto is a soft, delicate sofa, but which feels full-bodied and resistant to the touch, whose colors play with light and It is opaque, making it perfect for both large and small compositions.

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