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How to furnish a mini-balcony

Leaving the walls of your home has never been so beautiful! When it comes to outdoor spaces, we would all like a large garden, perhaps with a swimming pool, right? Sometimes we make you dream, but today we want to make you appreciate what you have.

We're talking about that little balcony in your house that you thought you wouldn't use, but which you have now rediscovered if you're reading this article. Where you would like to sunbathe, read a magazine, sip your aperitif, in short breathe some fresh air, but you don't know how to make it nice and comfortable because there isn't much space. Don't worry, furnishing a mini-balcony is a possible undertaking!

Make the most of every centimeter

When there is not much outdoor space, the same logic applies as in closed environments: exploit every centimeter possible in a clever way, without accumulating random objects. When your challenge is to furnish a mini-balcony, foldable and multifunctional furniture come to your aid.

Folding chairs and tables will save your life, because they will only allow you to clutter up your balcony when they are in use. Did you know that there are folding tables that can be hung on the railing? Now that's smart furniture!

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Outdoor Nardi

Look up!

The space you can use on your balcony is not just that expressed in cubic metres. When you need to furnish a mini-balcony, it is useful to also consider vertical solutions that allow you to make the best use of your outdoor environment.

For green thumbs this means only one thing: vertical gardens galore! Not only supports for planters and shelves, but also multi-shelf cabinets which allow us to have more storage and make use of all the space!

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Outdoor Nardi

Think about relaxing

We are sure that the most important thing you are looking for when furnishing your mini-balcony is a comfortable space that allows you to relax. If this is what you are looking for, you will be pleased to know that there are many two-seater outdoor sofas, starting from just 120 cm, which will create an oasis of total relaxation on your balcony.

And if the space available doesn't allow it, what's stopping you from using large cushions covered in outdoor fabric and placing them on the floor with a few plants and candles for a little romantic corner?

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Outdoor Varaschin

Enjoy the sun

There is nothing more beautiful than enjoying the first rays of spring sunshine on our little balcony. If you love sunbathing even in the city, you won't be able to give up having a small deckchair on your balcony. And if you don't have awnings, don't forget to study the space for an umbrella.

To really feel like you're on the beach, you can't help but walk around barefoot! Remember that there are many rugs specifically designed to be used outdoors and allow you to walk around your corner of outdoor paradise barefoot!

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Outdoor Varaschin

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