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#IORESTAYHOME: 5 useful things to do to occupy your days

These days we are all invited to stay at home and follow the instructions to limit the spread of the virus.

Used to a hectic life of appointments, work and social life, we suddenly find ourselves living with more time available. We have always wanted to have more time for ourselves and now that we have it we are not used to managing it.

So here are 5 useful ideas for occupying your days taking care of our home.


Haste often makes us put away the objects we find in our hands in a confused and disorganized way. Who doesn't have drawers full of randomly stacked objects and furniture with a bazaar of things inside without a precise order? In the living room, bedroom, kitchen or closet, space is often used poorly.

This is the right time to put things in order. We select the objects we have accumulated and eventually decide to throw away the useless ones, which have perhaps been there for years without being used.

We select what we need and place it in order in drawers and cupboards. The next time we need it it will be easier to find everything. And we will discover that we have more space than we thought.


Caught up in our busy lives, we don't pay much attention to the lighting in our home. We often live at home at fixed times, in the morning when we wake up and often in the evening when we return from work. Maybe we have never had the opportunity to experience our home at other times of the day, such as the morning or afternoon. Perhaps we have never realized how beautiful the sun comes through the window and how it can change the aesthetics of our living room. Let's consider changing the arrangement of the lights: it could be useful to move a floor lamp to a corner that remains poorly lit even during the day or place a table lamp on the console in the entrance. Varying the lighting in a house sometimes changes perspectives and renews the perception of space.


For those who really want to do something, why not take advantage of the opportunity to refresh the walls and perhaps change the look of the house with fashionable colors and shades?

Neutral colors will be trendy again: classic, light and not too busy shades. Neutral colors concern whites, with cold or warm shades or grays and beiges. They immediately give brightness to the environment and communicate a sense of cleanliness.

For those who want to dare, blue and green, in all their shades, are the trend of the moment. Fresh and trendy they will give an original touch to your living room.


To a greater or lesser extent we all have books at home, lots of them if we are passionate about reading. Books become part of the furniture and complete it. Sorting books by topic, for example, can be a way to help us rediscover that text that we read many years ago and that we liked so much. In this case bookcases and shelves become the protagonists, allowing us to display our volumes. A suggestion? Alternate books and furnishing objects, the arrangement will be more dynamic and fresh.


It's time to take out that recipe book that's been there for too long and try cooking something new. Let us be inspired and choose the recipe that seems most to our taste and also not too difficult to make, we could also try that function of the oven that we have never used. Let's experiment and have fun together creating something new in the kitchen, so life will have more flavour!