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3 ideas for your stay: news from Bontempi for 2021

This year, which is not without difficulties, does not stop the company's creativity Bontempi! Once again, one of the key companies of Made In Italy design manages to amaze with unique and spectacular products.

New colors and new models make their appearance leaving everyone speechless while the iconic best-sellers of the Bontempi collection transform their style and shape. Have we intrigued you? Discover with us the news Bontempi 2021 and draw inspiration from our 3 ideas for your stay with the new arrivals.

The new finishes: rose gold and the inevitable SuperMarmo and SuperCeramica

artistic table dada chair rose gold <tc>bontempi</tc>

Among the new finishes of the Bontempi 2021 collection, comes the unmistakable and refined rose gold, the result of numerous experiments and color mixtures. The rose gold of Bontempi gives a refined and chic touch to your chairs, your tables and your accessories: a certainly trendy choice for design lovers and others!

tavolo delta finitura noir desir opaco

tavolo cruz superceramica sabbia

tavolo chef superceramica grigio savoia

Along with rose gold, the new colors of SuperCeramica Bontempi (sand and Savoy grey) are added, a material that couples a ceramic slab to a thin sheet of crystal giving resistance and inalterability unparalleled. Just what you were looking for for your beloved dining table!

Following the current fashion is SuperMarmo Bontempi, a valuable material that imitates the veins of real marble but with very high performance compared to natural stone. The very popular Noir Desir comes into play here, combining the glossy version with the matte version.

#1 Chic living room with a retro flavor

tavolo delta sedie dada

Let's start by presenting you our 3 ideas for your living room with the news Bontempi 2021 with this chic living room with a retro flavour. Can't resist the cross-legged table? Then Delta is certainly a table you will immediately fall in love with. With a round top, the Delta table is extremely elegant and versatile. Create surprising plays of contrast between the painted glass top and its legs, to make Delta the protagonist of your living room.

And what better match than the Dada chair, with rounded lines and the retro charm of the 1950s. Smart tip: buy chairs and table from the same brand so you can match the exact color of the chair structure to the color of your table legs!

tavolo delta sedia dada oro rosa


tavolo bridge sedia shape

The second living room proposed is certainly more rigid in shape and austere. In the centre, the Bridge table, linear and essential and photographed in the version with smoked glass top and black painted foot. The Shape chairs give light, with squared lines and the colorful seat in natural leather.

The simplicity of this living room is also proposed in the Circle design lamp, with an iconic concrete sphere as its base. Playing with geometric shapes in the living room can give great satisfaction, don't forget curved lines to lighten the atmosphere!

chair shape circle lamp<tc>bontempi</tc>>


sedia drop tavolo artistico

The iconiBontempi5> Artistico table returns to this living room with the new rose gold finish and top in highly resistant Supermarble. Welcoming, soft and elegant the key words of this living room, dominated by the neutral colors of black and cream, but embellished with recurring rose gold details.

When you have an open space it is always better to separate the living room from the kitchen, changing the type of flooring or, as in this case, enclosing the dining area with a large light carpet. The Spark suspension lamp dominates from above, with 5 suspensions and a central rosette in natural brass that creates a warm but light atmosphere.

spark chandelier drop ch<tc>bontempi</tc>825>

We have presented you with some accommodation proposals with new arriBontempi2825>, now it's your turn! Let your imagination run wild and discover all the proBontempi12825> on our website eenterior.com or write to us for a consultation at info @eenterior.com