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Halloween: last-minute tips for a super setup!

It's October 31st, you didn't think you'd do anything exceptional this evening, but you find yourself having to organize a Halloween themed party at home? Then this is the right article for you!

Halloween is a deeply felt holiday in America, but now celebrated all over the world, having entered the traditions of lovers of cosmopolitan cultures. It is the night in which, according to Celtic tradition, the border between the world of the living and that of the dead becomes thinner, so that the spirits can cross it: precisely for this reason people protected themselves with fires and customs , to appease the ghosts. Even your home, therefore, can be made "monstrous" with some small tips.

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Use of colors:

One of the key elements is the color scheme to use. The main color, obviously, is orange: the color of pumpkins, of fire, of autumn. Therefore, decorative elements such as candles, tablecloths, small ornaments or table elements cannot be missing. Together with orange, the recommended combination is with black, the color of the night, of mystery, of fear. Other colors to accompany the two main ones can certainly be yellow, a warm shade that can be used to give liveliness; the green , which gives a ghostly look; the purple, which offers a touch of class and luxury.

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The colors above can be used to change the classic color of your furnishings, for example with a black sofa cover, or an orange tablecloth for the table.

An essential element is lighting: candles are an almost obligatory choice. The fewer artificial lights there are, the better, as the atmosphere benefits. Turn off all the switches in the house, and leave the lighting to the candles: a perfect Halloween environment will be created. Only lamps allowed? Those with transparent glass like ours Baban by Cattelan italia, to enhance the colors of your home: but be careful to set a soft light!

Small accessories can be found in various supermarkets or wholesalers: one idea could be that of micro-bats, the animal par excellence of this night; skulls, to impress your guests, also as an idea for flower holders or bottle holders.

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Obviously pay attention to the creation of small corners for photographs, your Instagram-loving guests will surely appreciate it! If you have a fireplace, one idea could be to embellish it with the objects recommended above, as the height will help you create one of the most classic "Instagram corner"!

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