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Cattelan bookcases, design at the service of order

Whether you are a regular reader, a book collector or simply someone has given you yet another book for Christmas, bookcases will be the turning point you need to bring order to your home.

In addition to being displays for assorted volumes and objects, bookcases can themselves be the protagonists of the furniture.

The modern and designer bookcases Cattelan are the ideal solution if you want to bring a touch of contemporaneity to your living room.

The importance of choosing a quality library

It often happens that the bookcase is purchased without particular attention, perhaps in a hurry, to solve the urgent problem of arranging books and objects that do not find a place in the other furnishings.

But, on the contrary, the bookcase is a very important furnishing element, which deserves attention and which represents us by showing our personality. If placed in the living room or at the entrance, it will become the protagonist of the furnishings.

For this reason, our advice is to choose a quality library, which will last over time.

The bookcases Cattelan are the ideal choice because they are built in Italia, by master craftsmen, following the indications of world-famous designers, such as Philip Jakson who, for Cattelan, signs the bookcase Lofts.

A distinctive element will allow you to stand out and give your home a unique and personal look, just like you.

How to choose the right library

On eenterior.com you will find several bookcase models to choose from.

A selection based on quality criteria that will allow you, whatever your choice, to have the certainty of having chosen a high-end product.

Also remember that our team of consultants is always at your disposal to answer your doubts and advise you on the best choice.

loft bookcase <tc>cattelan</tc> <tc>eenterior</tc>

Loft is the dividing bookcase designed by Philip Jakson, recommended for those who want to divide rooms lightly.

tokyo library <tc>cattelan</tc> <tc>eenterior</tc>

Geometric design for the Tokyo bookstore by Andrea Lucatello. Possibility of placing different elements side by side in order to create a dividing wall between two environments. The object holder modules rotate 360° and can thus create different combinations.

dna libr<tc>cattelan</tc>908> <tc>eenterior</tc>

Futuristic shapes for this spiral librarCattelan2908> which recalls the DNA from which it takes its name.

Ideal to be placed behind the sofa to always have your books at hand. Solid and stable lacquered metal structure.

joker <tc>cattelan</tc>r112908> <tc>eenterior</tc>

Square shapes for the Joker bookcase in lacquered metal, available in different colours.

Joker's spaces are perfect not only for books but also for displaying ornaments and precious objects.

Arrange it alone or in a series of multiple elements to create a homogeneous whole.

f<tc>cattelan</tc>ry <tr112908> <tc>eenterior</tc>

Fifty is a wall bookcase created by Luigi Trenti in 2010 and still very current thanks to its clean and geometric lines.

Made in modules 214cm high and 50cm wide, it is the ideal solution for filling a bare wall by placing different modules next to each other.

The support shelves are arranged horizontally while the vertical shelves create niches that highlight the elements arranged inside them.

cattelanibrary eenterior">

The GiottoCattelancase by Italia is reminiscent of a compass, made of solid Canaletto walnut wood with lacquered shelves.

To be placed near the wall.

Contact our team of interior designers for advice on your next bookcase! whatsapp on number 339 790 5814 or email info@eenterior.com