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6 utilizzi alternativi del tuo tavolino

6 alternative uses for your coffee table

The living room of our home is certainly one of those environments that we use the most. It's where we spend the evening in front of a good film, where we have a chat with our friends or where we simply like to relax. In your idea of ​​a living room, we bet you imagine a nice sofa, a wall equipped with a TV and a table where you can place the remote control, your mobile phone, your glasses, the magazines, the book you've just started, the cup of coffee, the tray of ice cream…
This classic concept of the living room table, usually large and low enough for convenience, is just one of the possible functions of this piece of furniture. Do not you believe it? Continue reading the article to discover 6 alternative uses of your coffee table!

#1 Coffee table as a bedside table

tavolino hello la forma
In the photo: Hella coffee table by La Forma
An alternative use of your coffee table, certainly in a more modern and functional way, is that of the bedside table. Often due to space issues, placing two bedside tables at the sides of a double bed can be problematic. In these cases, it is an increasingly widespread trend to replace one or both bedside tables with a small table.
When placing a small table at the side of the bed, choose a simple and clean design, taking up the materials of the wardrobe or accessories in your room. A nice table lamp and a plant and that's it!

#2 Magazine table

kito <tc>bontempi</tc> house <tc>eenterior</tc>
In the photo: Kito coffee table by Bontempi Casa
Do you always have books and magazines around the house and never know where to put them? Then a multifunctional table is definitely for you. Some designer coffee tables, such as the Kito by Bontempi Casa, are designed to go beyond the classic function of a coffee table.
In lacquered steel in many colours, they are perfect for a reading corner or to be placed next to the sofa. By choosing a magazine table, you will always have your books in order, but also a comfortable surface for your cup of coffee!

#3 Coffee table as stool

pancho <tc>cattelan</tc> <tc>eenterior</tc>
In the photo: Pancho coffee table by Cattelan Italia
Following in the wake of smart and multifunctional furniture, some tables can also be used as chairs and stools. Who has never had that extra guest who messes up plans? Don't panic! By choosing a coffee table of the right height and material, it can be transformed into what you need if necessary.
When choosing a coffee table with this dual function, pay attention to the capacity maximum! To avoid risking tragicomic falls of your mother-in-law... An example? The Pancho coffee table by Cattelan Italia, with a modern and decidedly eccentric design.

#4 Transformable coffee table

magic jwood <tc>connubia</tc> <tc>eenterior</tc>magic jwood <tc>connubia</tc> <tc>eenterior</tc>
In photo: Magic-J Wood transformable coffee table by Connubia
Do you have a small living room and don't know where to put the guest table? A furnishing accessory that comes to your aid but many are unaware of is the transformable coffee table. A transformable coffee table is a versatile solution that, when necessary and in just a few simple steps, transforms into a real dining table!
The Magic-J Wood coffee table by Connubia, for example, is adjustable in height in 7 different positions and doubles in length via a convenient book opening. You know what they say, when furniture transforms to meet the needs of contemporary living!

#5 Side table

hip hop <tc>bontempi</tc> home <tc>eenterior</tc>
In the photo: Hip Hop sofa side table by Bontempi Casa
Another alternative use of your coffee table always finds space in the living room. Choose a coffee table next to the sofa to have everything at hand (and you will no longer have to get up to look for the remote control...)
In addition to convenience, placing the coffee table next to the sofa allows you to furnish the living room area in a more personal and original way. For example, you can create games of heights like the one in the photo, choosing the same coffee table model but with different dimensions and, why not, different materials and colours. Green light to your imagination!

#6 Passpartout coffee table

Midj's Hoodi <tc>eenterior</tc>
In photo: Hoodi Coffee Table Collection by Midj
Speaking of imagination and customization, some coffee tables have decided to make it their strong point. The Hoodi collection by Midj design, for example, is made up of three crescent-shaped tables, with different sizes and heights.
And this is how the coffee table becomes a real passpartout to be moved and created according to your needs. Focusing on a set of coffee tables also allows you to create unique geometric compositions and combine colours, matching them to your furnishings. What do you think of the example above?
We have shown you 6 alternative uses of your coffee table, which one do you like best? Tell us on our social media or contact us on customercare@eenterior.com for more advice!