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Smacchia: il tessuto Riflessi creato per i tuoi amici a 4 zampe

Stain remover: the Riflessi fabric created for your 4-legged friends

riflessi has thought not only of your home but also of its 4-legged inhabitants thanks to the Smacchia fabric. With Smacchia, the revolutionary technical fabric that can only be cleaned with water, riflessi has thought of those who have pets, making their life easier. In fact, thanks to the Smacchia fabric the chairs will be stain, scratch and odor proof. The riflessi chairs covered with Smacchia will be durable and easy to clean free from stains and hair and odor-free.

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Pets are known to instinctively scratch the fabric of chairs attracted by its softness, causing breaks and tears. The Smacchia fabric is made up of synthetic fibers which prevents nails from penetrating the weave and therefore avoids breakages and tears.

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Simple cleaning

Technology becomes part of furnishings also thanks to innovations such as Smacchia: the removal of common household stains becomes quick and easy. A technical fabric resistant to urine, feces and blood of dogs and cats.

Removal of hair

Smacchia fabrics are antistatic, thus avoiding the hair of our 4-legged friends. We know that cats love climbing on chairs, while dogs are more obedient in this sense but it can still happen that hair sticks to the upholstery. To remove these hairs you can use a damp cloth or a vacuum cleaner or the classic adhesive brush.

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The continuous use of the chairs by our animal friends can cause bad odors, the Smacchia fabric also takes care of this, you just need to vacuum the upholstery regularly. In short, if your cat or dog rules the house at home, abandon traditional fabrics without any type of protection and switch to Smacchia.

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