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Viva Magenta, the pantone color of 2023

Not red, not purple, not burgundy, but Viva Magenta, a bold color full of character and exuberance: here is the Color Pantone of 2023, an intense shade that descends directly from the family of reds found in nature, called to inspire the creation of a more positive and powerful future.
Chosen by the team of experts at the Pantone Color Institute, 18-1750 Viva Magenta is a strong and stimulating shade, which identifies itself as a bridge between nature and the metaverse, immediately renamed Magentaverso.

According to the team this color "is courageous and fearless, a pulsating color whose exuberance promotes a joyful and optimistic celebration" and as Leatrice Eiseman explained, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, Viva Magenta  “reconnects to the original material. Invoking the forces of nature, it galvanizes our spirit, helping us build our inner strength."
Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Institute, then added that this is “an unconventional color for an unconventional time”, an artificial and natural blend that “highlights our change of perspective, which highlights our need to feel more active and which instills the necessary strength to be able to courageously, positively and fearlessly embrace a new path”.

This year, for the first time in history, the Pantone Color of the Year comes to life in an exhibition on the occasion of the Art Basel Miami Beach, open to the public from 3 December 2022. The exhibition itinerary will present contaminations between the world of design, space and technology inspired by NASA, in partnership with important brands.

But how is the Pantone Color of the Year chosen?

For almost 25 years, this important decision has been evaluated by the experts of the Pantone Color Institute and is the result of careful evaluation and analysis of trends that change and progress every year.
The team focuses on the search for new influences in terms of colour, also advising companies on how to best use it for their image and sales strategy.
Magenta is one of the shades necessary for color printing, together with cyan, yellow and black, which is why it is defined as basic and fundamental.
This year too, as happens every year, Viva Magenta will influence Beauty, Art, Interior Design and everything that surrounds us in terms of fashion.

Viva Magenta and Interior Design - How to furnish with the new color of the year

Viva Magenta is a color that pairs perfectly with both warm and cold shades, which is why four color palettes have been identified which represent a source of inspiration for creating combinations with other furnishings and objects: Equilibrium is the first, and is based on warm tones from orange to grey; Resonance, the second palette is characterized by rather dark shades in which Viva magenta therefore stands out for its brilliance; the third combination is Family Ties, which combines all shades of the pink color family; lastly we have Finally Ignite, pastel colors whose combination lights up Viva Magenta.

Having furniture or an object of this color certainly gives character and liveliness to the home environment. It is an energising colour, capable of catalysing the gaze on it, and suitable for a vast range of materials, textures and surfaces: a velvet covering - the perfect material for communicating chromatic depth, a wall which transforms into a scenography for less flashy furnishings or a touch of color for those who want a more neutral home. All this, however, without exaggerating because Viva Magenta, as the Pantone Color Institute reminds us, "contains a lot of drama even in small doses".

A chair like the following one can for example enrich a dining room by combining it with a table by Cattelan like the Stratos or a riflessi, for example the Manhattan, of maximum elegance and refinement, with simple and essential lines.

This sofa, however, so powerful and exuberant, gives great character to the living room in which it is placed, which is why the furnishing combinations will have to balance the environment: here sideboards or bookcases from important brands such as the Air by Lago Design or the Enea by Bontempi, with linear characteristics and natural materials, capable of creating contrast and at the same time lighten the liveliness transmitted by Viva Magenta.

It therefore goes without saying that this color brings with it an explosive and decisive charge, capable of giving a strong intensity to everything around it. If this year there is a need to give character to interior spaces, Viva Magenta will certainly have the upper hand in the color field.

The Magentaverse

The extraordinary novelty of the Pantone Color of the Year 2023 lies in the collaboration that the Pantone Color Institute has made with Huge, creative partner, and with Artechouseart exhibition space and leader in multimedia technologies, to create “The Magentaverse”.

The Magentaverso presents itself as a completely innovative and unprecedented design experiment, which explores the relationship between human creativity and new technologies, always taking up the theory according to which Viva Magenta acts as a bridge between nature and everything that is the future, universal and immersive virtual world .

The team therefore developed a real three-dimensional project using digital images processed by artificial intelligence Mindjourney , which incorporates the particularities of Viva Magenta and examines the connections between nature and technology.
All this can be defined as a series of rooms with different textures and models to interact with, thanks to which the public will be able to immerse themselves in a series of multi-sensory experiences guided by the spirit by Viva Magenta.

Not just a simple color to be taken as a starting point for everyday life, but a real means of being able to touch a completely new and unknown universe, which however will soon be the future of all of us .
This is 18-1750 Viva Magenta.

Are you looking for ideas on how to insert Viva Magenta into your home? Contact our team of interior decorators and interior designers for a free consultation on the number 3397905814 or by email at info@eenterior.com