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Come arredare un loft

How to furnish a loft

Are you considering the idea of ​​buying a loft but you're not convinced? Or you are thinking of renovating it and want some ideas on how to furnish a loft to make it a warm and welcoming space for you and your guests. Or you still don't have the faintest idea of ​​what a loft is and you want to find out to understand if it can be right for you.

In any case, in this magazine article eenterior we will explain to you what is meant by “loft” and what the main advantages or disadvantages of living there are. In addition to this, we will give you some useful tips on how to furnish a loft and we will reveal what mistakes to avoid.

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What is a loft

By "loft" we mean a housing solution obtained from a disused industrial or commercial space that has been converted into a home. The idea of ​​the loft was born in New York in the Seventies, where artists lived in open space environments that they furnished with fashionable solutions, works of art, precious materials and designer furnishings.

So starting from an essentially poor building, the loft soon becomes a true luxury and trendy home, a new way to conceive spaces in modern living.

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What are the characteristics of a loft

Being created from former company headquarters, factories or warehouses, the loft has first of all large open space spaces, characterized by an absence of dividers that could limit the perception of a large and unique space.

A consequence of this is the higher ceilings on average, even over 4 or 5 metres, and large windows that let natural light enter the home. To exploit all the space in height, mezzanines are often built to divide the living area from the sleeping area.

Finally, there are some elements that derive from the function of industrial space, such as the pillars or exposed beams, as well as the concrete or brick walls.

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Characteristics of a loft:

  • Large open space spaces
  • No partitions or walls
  • Ceilings even over 4 or 5 meters high
  • A mezzanine that divides the living area from the sleeping area
  • Exposed pillars or beams
  • Concrete or brick walls

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Advice on how to furnish a loft

The biggest mistake you could make when furnishing a loft is not preserving the original environment. Therefore, no to the construction of walls and partitions that destroy the open space and a big yes to furnishings that reflect a bright and airy home, such as large carpets, designer pendant lamps and floor-to-ceiling wall bookcases.

As far as shades are concerned, we advise you to focus on neutral colors such as white and grey. Some materials to use are, depending on the style you want to follow, wood, glass and metal, a perfect combination of past and present.

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How to divide spaces in a loft

The most important thing when thinking about how to furnish a loft is the division of spaces and living functions. Usually the mezzanine divides the living area, below, from the sleeping area, above. The living area is an open space where the dining table can have the function of dividing the kitchen area from the relaxation area of ​​the living room.

For the sleeping area, it is necessary to make the most of the space, opting for essential but carefully designed furnishings. We advise you to focus on a custom-made wardrobe, in order to gain extra storage and make good use of the width and height of the mezzanine.

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Advantages and disadvantages of a loft

Some disadvantages of living in a loft that you need to consider before purchasing are that these very large rooms with such high ceilings can be more difficult to heat. Another problem that could arise is the lack of privacy and the ease with which odors and noises spread throughout the home.

On the other hand, the advantages that a loft offers are many. For example, the incomparable natural light that an environment with large windows and the absence of dividing walls offers. A unique environment is also extremely versatile and allows you to have a flexible and always new layout.

The loft is a unique and inimitable architectural solution that is increasingly conquering everyone's hearts. What do you think about it? Tell us on our social channels!